Welouisianalcome to the Harvard Club of Louisiana!

Hello! Bienvenus to the Harvard Club of Louisiana (“HCLA”). 

The summer heat has broken and our outdoor social season is beginning!  Please check the Events tab above for information on local events, as well as our FaceBook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/100070626180074/  for updates and links to virtual programming.


This is also College Admissions interview season.  We are always looking for graduates from any of the University's Schools to volunteer for this important service to Harvard.  You can sign up for as many or as few interviews as you wish, with both in-person and virtual modalities possible.  Please email Schools and Scholarship Chair Rick Stanley at rcs@stanleyreuter.com for more information and to sign up as an admissions interviewer.


The HCLA is the regional chapter of the Harvard Alumni Association, open to all graduates of any of Harvard’s schools and degree programs. In addition, we are an Associated Harvard Business School Alumni club, with an HBS alumnus sitting on our Board as HBS Liaison.  If you are an HBS alumnus or alumna, please email HBS Liaison Dorien Nunez at omniresearch@aol.com to find out more and get involved.


And while we're on the topic... a volunteer-led organization is only as vibrant and strong as the folks who step up and get involved.  Yes! I'm talking to YOU!  Organize an outing, coordinate a program, research an opportunity to volunteer in the community....email harvardclublouisiana@gmail.com to let us know you're IN!


See you at a Club event soon!

Lucia “Jenni” Hammer, A.B. ‘97



PS -- here's a video from the HAA we think you'll enjoy:

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